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Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating Thickness Gauges

Coating thickness gauges and wet film thickness measurements can be made with nanometric precision with SpecMetrix® systems for your lab or coating lines. SpecMetrix® can provide your team with dry film weight or wet film thickness results from real-time coating thickness gauges that save costs and improve production profitability.

SpecMetrix® coating thickness gauges and wet film thickness gauges can deliver real-time results on single or dual layers immediately following coating application. Whether your industry is involved in thin film manufacturing - solar energy, optical films, consumer packaging and metal packaging - you can improve surface properties of the substrate such as appearance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and scratch resistance. With its exclusive ruggedized optical interference technologies, SpecMetrix® coating thickness gauges and wet film thickness gauges are non-contact, non-hazardous and flexible enough to be used in R&D, QA, laboratory and in-process applications.

SpecMetrix® systems are a more accurate non-contact solution to measure surface finishes including spray coating, varnishes, adhesives, hard coats, primers, films and a host of other clear and semitransparent coatings. These non-contact and non-radioactive measurement tools automatically validate coating thickness and capture that data for SPC and subsequent quality documentation, helping to reduce customer claims.

SpecMetrix® coating thickness gauges and wet film thickness gauges will give you the needed precision to reduce costs and increase profitability if more accurate process control of applied coating layers would benefit your manufacturing production.

We invite you to contact us to coordinate complimentary sample testing, to arrange a system demonstration in your facility, or to explore other areas where Sensory Analytics and our high performance SpecMetrix coating thickness gauges and film thickness measurements may be of benefit to your team.

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