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Companies in the flexible and rigid packaging industry can now reduce their coating related costs, better assure coating quality and reduce the production and QA man-hours spent in their coating and film weight QA processes. The SpecMetrix line of coating and film thickness measurement solutions offer a more accurate non-contact means to measure surface finishes including wash coat, inside spray, varnishes and UV coatings for metal packaging and adhesives, UV hard coats, primers, films and other clear and semi-transparent coatings for most other packaging applications.


The use of SpecMetrix systems has helped to produce a reduction of scrap and waste materials made possible by the system’s ability to generate first article approvals from a single coated sheet or initial web measurements, in lieu of running products until dry coated products have passed through ovens.  From related industry experience, Sensory has seen its customers eliminate up to 75% of waste typically created by delays from waiting for dry product to be measured, thereby significantly reducing plant waste streams. For packaging providers, the systems deliver the unprecedented and cost-saving ability to measure individual adhesive, hardcoat, UV and other discrete package layers while production webs are in-process.

SpecMetrix Lab and QA station systems are in active use at global beverage and food OEMs as an incoming inspection tool and at coating leaders worldwide as a means to diagnose potential film weight or coating thickness problems on samples or individual containers. For food container manufacturers, the flexibility of SpecMetrix systems for use in a QA lab, tech center, on the production floor or directly measuring wet coatings in-line provide an unprecedented new means to reduce coating costs and set-up times.

Beverage container manufacturers can select between manual, semi-automated or fully automated SpecMetrix ACS container measurements systems to streamline their current film weight inspection processes for all base materials and applied coatings. Only SpecMetrix systems offer 2-PC container manufacturers the ability to select between diagnostic and production modes to quickly and reliably measure production containers and then more specifically address identified spray distribution or other quality issues on individual containers. For food and beverage container manufacturers, only the exclusive SpecMetrix ruggedized optical interference technology available from Sensory and its global partners can deliver both food and beverage container coating measurements in the QA lab or directly in-process. Be sure to specify SpecMetrix technology for your container film weight measurement needs.

For precise measurements in your manufacturing process, SpecMetrix systems can provide your team with film weight, wet or dry film thickness tools to save costs and increase production center profitability.  Please use the link below or contact the Sensory applications engineering team directly for additional information on these innovative and powerful new time-saving systems for your packaging applications.

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