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Thin Film Thickness Measurement Solutions

The patented and proprietary SpecMetrix® powered solutions offered by Sensory Analytics are the most flexible, effective and user-friendly non-contact coating and thin film thickness measurement solutions available today. The Company's solutions include cutting edge sensory packages, proprietary algorithms and software, and incorporate its exclusive and award-winning SpecMetrix® ruggedized optical interference technology. Sensory Analytics delivers proven manual lab units as well as semi-automated, automated and in-line SpecMetrix® thickness measurement systems that help manufacturers to:

  • Shorten set-up and change-over times
  • Streamline new coating and film trials
  • Eliminate non-value added mechanical or destructive testing steps
  • Reduce QA and Production labor hours spent on film thickness measurement and analysis
  • Reduce spoilage, product costs and environmental impacts
  • Validate and document in-process and post-production film and coating quality

Senory Analytic's award-winning SpecMetrix® product lines have become recognized quality tools for manufacturers seeking to improve their manufacturing, coating process control and quality systems. Beyond the significant financial benefits, the use of SpecMetrix® systems can help manufacturers to effectively minimize waste streams, save energy, decrease Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while improving production efficiency, cost effectiveness and overall plant productivity.

SpecMetrix® QA and R&D Lab systems

  • Innovative SpecMetrix® Lab and QA coating measurement systems provide quality assurance and production personnel with faster and more accurate coating thickness and film weight results. As a forensic tool, it is unmatched in its ability to identify and quantify the quality of coating and film thickness in problem areas. SpecMetrix® Mobile coating and film thickness measurement systems
  • A cost effective way to bring non-contact single point or scanned wet or dry film thickness measurement and product finishes directly to metal sheet production and coating lines. They are specifically designed for flat sheet and tin plate coating applications. These proven and flexible offerings take wet or dry film weight measurements in a more accurate and timely manner than strand or capacitance gauges. The Mobile system is readily transportable for ease of use between coating lines in a plant and includes a printer for end-of run QA documentation. Film weight and coating thickness data can also be easily removed via USB or directly entered into the plant SPC system, as required.

SpecMetrix ACS and Automated film thickness measurement systems

  • The expanding line of SpecMetrix ACS systems are the most cost-effective way to bring non-contact single can thin film thickness measurements to food or beverage container plants. Production and QA team members can better assess spray gun and roller performance issues, or simply speed up their can measurement processes.
  • Automated ACS systems are now available for rapid mechanical or robotic automation of can plant film weight measurement functions. The resultant thickness data is automatically saved for review and may be uploaded into the plant SPC system, as required.

SpecMetrix® In-line coating and film thickness measurement systems

  • In-line measurement systems - powered by proprietary software controls - deliver continuous and real-time coating and film thickness measurement data for one or more coating or film layers and provide real-time process control and quality assurance to manufacturing and QA teams. Operators obtain immediate feedback on coating quality while providing plant management with direct quality results without any operator involvement.